Sunderland Echo Quiz League
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The Sunderland Echo Quiz League.

         Welcome to the web pages of the Sunderland Echo Quiz League!

About the League.

The Sunderland Echo Quiz League is the North East’s premier general knowledge quiz league.

The league was founded in the 1960s and currently comprises seven teams who play at pubs and clubs around the city: Ashbrooke Sports Club, Chesters, Chaplin’s, Newbottle Working Men’s Club, Penshaw Catholic Club, Ship Isis and The Prior.

We have recently changed our format to create a more relaxed atmosphere, which has successfully attracted some new players and we are always keen to have new teams or individuals joining us.

Matches are played at 8pm on Wednesday evenings.

One of the recent rules changes was to allow teams to have up to six players - this means players very rarely having to sit out and newcomers can come to give the quiz a try without displacing a regular player; we now have six rounds, though we are reviewing the format and are always open to suggestions. The games usually take just over an hour and teams can then enjoy some sandwiches and a few pints with each other afterwards.

We run two competitions, the league, which is played on a home and away basis, and the knock-out, which is played on a League basis, through the summer months, with a semi-final and final in October.

We also play an annual match against the York CIU Quiz League, founded in 1946, who have a certificate from the Guinness Book of Records acknowledging them as the oldest quiz league in the world. The score in the annual series now stands at 11-9 to Sunderland. Over the last five years teams from the league have also played against quiz teams from Edinburgh for the Brunton Shield.

For further information contact League Secretary Chris Brewis:-