A1.      Foucault’s pendulum was a simple device constructed as an experiment to demonstrate what phenomenon?

                                                                                                            EARTH’S ROTATION

A2.      In 2013 the Reverend Paul Flowers was implicated in sex, drugs and drinking scandals. Of which bank was he chairman?
                                                                                                CO-OPERATIVE (or CO-OP)

A3.      In 1834, for four years, the ten members of the Compensation Claims Commission distributed twenty million pounds to about three thousand families - who had been what?

                                                                                                            SLAVE OWNERS


A4.      Which classic film starts with the line ‘I never knew the old Vienna before the war, with its Strauss music, its glamour and easy charm – Constantinople suited me better’?

                                                                                                            THE THIRD MAN


A5.      In 1942, cartons of Lyons coffee were sold bearing the first known example of what customer advice?

                                                                                                            SELL BY DATE                    

A6.      On August Bank Holiday 1972 which member of the Royal family died in a plane crash near Wolverhampton? 

                                                                                    PRINCE WILLIAM of GLOUCESTER

A7.      The Fields Medal is awarded to notable achievers in which discipline, for which there is no Nobel Prize?


A8.      In 2009, Sainsbury’s changed the name of the fish pollock to which boy’s name? 



A9.      Who, in the 2015 Rugby World Cup, became the highest Welsh scorer against England at Twickenham?

                                                                                                Dan BIGGAR (23 points)

A10.    Name the city which is the administrative centre of Sverdolsk Oblast which achieved notoriety in July 1918. 


A11.    In the final episode of which iconic sitcom is a character from Birmingham replaced by someone called Nicholson from Sunderland, although this character is never seen? 


A12.    In athletics, which item of equipment must be between 28 and 30 centimetres long and weigh no less than 50 grams?

                                                                                                            RELAY BATON        


ROUND 4     

A13.    Although it is the second most massive object in the asteroid belt, which is the brightest asteroid viewed from Earth?


A14.    The Ju86 design of diesel engines gave rise later to the Deltic diesel engines used in what form of transport?

                                                                                    (First British diesel) LOCOMOTIVES

A15.    The Gulf of Suez is at the North West end of the Red Sea. Which gulf is at the north east end? 

                                                                                                                                                                GULF of AQABA

A16.    'John Jasper's Secret' by Henry Morford was an early attempt to complete and resolve which novel, left unfinished at its author's death in 1870?

                                                            MYSTERY OF EDWIN DROOD (by Charles Dickens)


A17.    In the Asterix comic stories, what is the name of the druid who mixes the magic potions?


A18.     Which mathematician wrote the thirteen volume treatise ‘Elements’ in Alexandria around 300 BC?


A19.    ‘Wrought’ is an archaic past participle of which word?


A20.    Derived from an Italian word for ”gypsies”, what is the name often adopted by amateur cricket clubs that have no fixed ground?

                                                                                                            I  ZINGARI


A21.    Stirling Moss became the first British driver to win the F1 British Grand Prix, but at which racecourse?


A22.    During the Second World War, which secure building was used as the headquarters of the British Secret Service (MI5 & MI8)?

                                                                                    WORMWOOD SCRUBS

A23.    During which war did the ‘Glorious Gloucesters’ earn their nickname?

                                                                                                            KOREAN WAR                                                                                                        

A24.    What was the name of the fictional ship featured in the 1953 film The Cruel Sea?