A1.      What do Americans call what we refer to as a flick knife? 


A2.      The High Court of Justice has three divisions. Queen’s Bench and Chancery are two. What is the third?


A3.      Which famous Yorkshire writer claims his greatest ambition is to have the film of one of his books shown in the community hall in his home village of Clapham?           


A4.      Name either of the countries for which the river Amur forms a large part of the border. 



A5.      Which 1998 Hollywood science fiction film, starring Bruce Willis, is used as a training exercise by NASA to spot the 160 plus errors in procedure?


A6.      According to the nursery rhyme, where did the Muffin Man live?

                                                                                                DRURY LANE

A7.      The Battle of Malvern Hill, part of the Seven Days Battle, took place during which conflict?

                                                                                    The AMERICAN CIVIL WAR

A8.      The late 1950’s and early 60’s rock ‘n’ roller Vince Taylor inspired which fictional musical character?

                                                                                                ZIGGY STARDUST


A9.      Which Irish playwright, and IRA member, embarked on an unauthorised, solo mission to blow up Liverpool docks?

                                                                                                            Brendan BEHAN

A10.    In 1911 Guillaume Apollinaire was accused of stealing the Mona Lisa. Which famous artist did he try to blame?

                                                                                                Pablo PICASSO

A11.    The name of which recently deceased actor, often associated with science fiction, completes the tribute from President Obama, “Long before nerdy was cool, there was …………….?

                                                                                                Leonard NIMOY

A12.    Major road signs indicating that a driver is entering which county display the legend “The Heart of Rural England”? 



ROUND 4     

A13.    The WWII sunken munitions ship SS Richard Montgomery is still a hazard to shipping in the estuary of which river?


A14.    English TV and film actor John Elton Halliley, 1912-1983, is better known as whom?


A15.    Who is the captain who was banned for four matches after butting an opponent, manhandling and abusing a referee at the Copa America in 2015?   

                                                                                                NEYMAR (Brazil)       

A16.    What is the largest prime number, less than 100?



A17.    Which Bishop Auckland born male athlete won a bronze medal in the marathon at the 1984 Olympic Games?


                                                                        Charlie SPEDDING

A18.     What did the cartographer John Spilsbury invent around 1766 as an aid to teaching geography?

                                                                                                            JIGSAW PUZZLE

A19.    The ‘Scarecrow of Scatterbrook’ is better known by what name?

                                                                                                            WORZEL GUMMIDGE

A20.    Malcolm McLaren, founder of the Sex Pistols, opened a Chelsea boutique called ‘Sex’ in 1974. Who was the flamboyant fashion designer who was his partner in this venture?

                                                                                                Vivienne WESTWOOD


A21.    “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics” was attributed by Mark Twain to which British Prime Minister?

                                                                               Benjamin DISRAELI

A22.    Which radioactive element, atomic number 89, is the first alphabetically in a list of naturally occurring elements?

A23.    The 1958 novel ‘Two Hours to Doom’ was adapted into which 1964 black comedy film?

                                    Dr. STRANGELOVE (or How I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb)                                                                                                          

A24.    Who was the last British monarch to succeed to the throne unmarried?

                                                                                                            EDWARD VIII