Sunderland Echo Quiz League


League Fixture Set


Setter:            Adam Wheatley – Chaplins’,  Sunderland


Wednesday 9th March 2016


Sets A & B


Round 1


1a        The music and lyrics for the song “White Christmas” were written by Irving Berlin in 1942 and were originally featured in which movie?


Holiday Inn


1b       Nearly 700 inhabitants of which French village near Limoges were massacred on June 10, 1944, in a Nazi SS reprisal for the killing of an SS officer?





2a        Danish-born sculptor John Gutzon Borglum died on March 6, 1941, leaving his 60-foot masterpiece work to be finished by his son Lincoln. What was this masterwork?


Mount Rushmore National Memorial (Sculpted heads of 4 US Presidents)


2b       Margaret Mill, left her home in Arthur Street, Ryhope, after her marriage in 1943 and had a grand-daughter who went on to achieve very high office in her homeland. What is the grand-daughter’s name?


Nicola Sturgeon


3a        On January 22, 2016, it was announced that Chris Chibnall would become the full-time show runner of which long-running television programme? His first series will air in Spring 2018.


Doctor Who


3b       In which English town or city is the Titanic brewery?





4a        'Moon starer' is an apt anagram for what 10 - letter word?




4b       Which children’s TV series of 1991 about a group of children and a sand goblin was based on a book by E Nesbitt?


Five Children And It


Round 2


5a        In the Marvel comic series, what transformed Bruce Banner into 'The Incredible Hulk'?


Gamma Radiation


5b       Boxer Reuben Carter who died in April 2014 was immortalised in which 1975 song?


The Hurricane (by Bob Dylan)


6a        Which British plc bought Campbell's in 2006 and RHM (Rank Hovis McDougall) in 2007?  Its brands include Ambrosia, Angel Delight, Atora, Batchelor's, Bisto, Homepride, McDougall's, Mother's Pride, Mr. Kipling, Oxo and Sharwood's.


Premier Foods


6b       Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx played which characters in a 2006 film based on a 1980’s detective series?


Crocket and Tubbs (Miami Vice)


7a        Saracens flanker Jacques Burger was the captain of which nation at the 2015 Rugby Union World Cup?




7b       The name of which London borough, the site of a battle of the Wars of the Roses in 1471, is also Cockney rhyming slang for a part of the body?


Barnet (as in Barnet Fair – Hair)




8a        Which former Newcastle United and Sunderland footballer, scored the fastest ever goal in an FA Cup Final in 2009?


Louis Saha (25 seconds for Everton v Chelsea 1-2)


8b       What was the pen name of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson?


Lewis Carroll


Round 3


9a        On leaving Number 10 Margaret Thatcher became Baroness of where?




9b       Which island produces Marsala wines?




10a     Java and the Malayan Peninsula are separated by which stretch of water?


Strait of Malacca


10b     The Egyptian god Anubis has the head of which creature?




11a     What name is given to a figure of speech by means of which contradictory terms are combined?




11b     Who won the 2010 Open Golf Championship at St. Andrews?


Louis Oosthuizen


12a     L'Air du Temps', `Farouche' and 'Caprice? are all fragrances from which perfume house?


Nina Ricci


12b     Name the year; the Warrington bombings, Grand National cancelled after false starts and Arsenal beat Sheffield Wednesday in the finals of both major cup competitions?




Round 4


13a     Name the year; Baring's Bank collapsed, Blackburn Rovers won the Premier League and Cliff Richard was knighted?




13b     'Poison', 'Dune' and `J'Adore' are all fragrances from which perfume house?


(Christian) Dior


14a     Who won the 2010 World Snooker championship in Glasgow?


Neil Robertson


14b     A word spelt the same backwards and forwards is called what?




15a     The Hindu god Ganesh(a) or Ganapati has the head of which creature?




15b     Which stretch of water separates Cuba and Haiti?


The Windward Passage


16a     Which Italian region produces the wine Chianti?




16b     What constituency did John Major represent while he was Prime Minister?




Round 5


17a     What was the pen name of Samuel Langhorne Clemens?


Mark Twain






17b     Which Norwegian footballer scored the fastest-ever goal in an English League Cup Final at Wembley in 2005, scoring the opening goal in the very first minute?


John Arne Riise (for Liverpool v Chelsea 2-3)


18a     The name of which North West university, shared with a battle of the Civil War in 1642, also gives rise to a slang term for coitus interruptus?


Edge Hill (as in getting off at Edge Hill i.e. the stop before the terminus at Liverpool Lime Street)


18b     Sam Burgess the dual-code England rugby international, played Rugby League for Bradford Bulls before moving to which Australian team owned by Russell Crowe?


South Sydney Rabittohs (accept South Sydney)


19a     Ray Winstone and Ben Drew played which characters in a 2012 film based on a 1970’s TV series?


Regan and Carter (The Sweeney)


19b     Which British multinational plc owns Allied Bakeries, British Sugar and the retailer Primark?  Its brands include Allinson, Kingsmill, Silver Spoon, Jordan's, Ovaltine, Patak's, Ryvita and Twinings.


Associated British Foods


20a     Holly Woodlawn an actress from Miami who died in June 2015 was immortalised in which hit song of 1972?


A Walk on the Wild Side (by Lou Reed)


20b     Which DC Comics character had an arsenal of weapons including the 'Lasso of Truth'?


Wonder Woman


Round 6


21a     Which 1985 to 1989 children’s cartoon series  had characters called Lion-o, Cheetara and Tygra among others?




21b     'Erode liver' is an apt anagram of the name of which actor?


Oliver Reed


22a     In which English town is Moorhouse's brewery?




22b     In March 2015, it was confirmed that director Rian Johnson would write and direct which movie in a famous franchise, to be released in December 2017?


Star Wars: Episode VIII


23a     Which woman, after graduating from Harvard, was President of the Oxford Union in 1977,  and went on to achieve very high office in her homeland?


Benazir Bhutto


23b     Which famous 60-foot high building, designed by Henry Bacon, appears on the back of the U.S. five dollar bill and was also on the back of the one cent coin from 1959 until 2008?


Lincoln Memorial in Washington


24a     German troops burnt which Czech village and killed more than 160 male inhabitants on June 10, 1942, in reprisal for the killing of Gestapo boss Reinhard Heydrich?




24b     A Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols is the Christmas Eve service held in King's College Chapel Cambridge. What is always the opening carol to be sung?  


Once In Royal David’s City


Spare Questions:


1A Which Shakespeare play takes place in the Forest of Arden?
As You Like It
1B Which chemical element atomic number 45 is named for the Greek for rose?
2A By winning the Mercury Music Prize in 2011 who is the only artiste to have won this prize twice?
P J Harvey
2B Which Scottish league team have the nickname 'The Bairns'?
3A The WW2 allied invasion of where was codenamed Operation Shingle?
Anzio Landings
3B Who presents the Million Pound Drop on television?
Davina McCall
4A Which brewery makes Hatters Mild and Unicorn Bitter?
4B At what weight did Alan Minter win his boxing world title?

1A Who originally played the title role in the musical 'Heathcliff on the London stage?
Cliff Richard
1B Later associated with the medical profession, in antiquity who would have carried carried a symbol called a caduceus?
Heralds or Messengers
2A What is the name of the substitute for Silver invented in 1745 by Thomas Bolsover?
Sheffield Plate
2B Who directed the 2010 Disney film Alice in Wonderland?
Tim Burton
3A Who appointed in 2008 is the Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales?
Lord Justice (Igor) Judge
3B Which vegetable used in one form in salads and in another in cooking is from the apium genus of plants?
4A Daltonism is usually better known as which medical condition?
Colour Blindness
4B Who wrote the poems Idylls of the King?
Alfred, Lord Tennyson