Round 1

On 13th April 1668, Charles II appointed whom as the first poet Laureate?

John Dryden

'Better Call Saul' is a prequel spin off from which popular US drama series?

Breaking Bad

Which town in the North West of England, birthplace of film maker Nick Park and sportsman Andrew Flintoff, was granted city status in 2002?


In which year of the 19th Century were there three presidents of the USA in office?

1881 (Hayes, Garfield and Arthur)

Round 2

Lincoln Red is a breed of which animal?


Which appropriate number does Joe Root wear in one day internationals for the England cricket team?


Which novelist and poet born in Dorset said, 'Fear is the mother of foresight'?

Thomas Hardy

Which comedian appears on the video to Michael Jackson's 'Remember the Time'?

Eddie Murphy

Round 3

In 1980 the first public service began on the Tyne and Wear Metro between Haymarket and which other destination?


What is the hourly rate for the current national minimum wage for workers aged 21-24?


Which chemical element, atomic number 71, is named after the Latin name for Paris?


Who is the coach of the England women's football team?

Mark Sampson







Round 4

'The Kindness of Strangers' was the 2003 autobiography of which journalist, born 1945 in Northumberland?

Kate Adie

What is the name of the first Chubby Brown video released in 1990?

From Inside the Helmet

Which car manufacturer makes the Fox?


Which famous American chemist and inventor committed suicide in 1937 by drinking a cocktail of lemon juice and potassium cyanide?

Wallace Carothers

Round 5

On which day is Pi (π) Day, an annual celebration of the mathermatical constant, observed?

March 14th (3/14)

Who will captain the USA in the Ryder Cup later on this year?

Davis Love III

Dick Tracey first appeared in 'All Star' comics in 1941. Who was his creator?

Chester Gould

According To The Beatles What did Rocky Racoon find in his room?

Gideon's Bible

Round 6

Which Asian capital is known locally as Krung Thep?


Which king introduced a tax on wine in 1275?

Edward I

Which moon is the target of the planned NASA TiME mission?

Titan (saturn)

Which league 2 team play at the Wham stadium?

Accrington Stanley