1   What is the most northerly city to have hosted the Summer Olympic Games?                                                HELSINKI

2   What is the name of the London-based group which owns retailers Burton, Dorothy Perkins, Topman and Topshop?  

                                                                                                                                                             ARCADIA Group Ltd

3   Of England’s 164 state-run grammar schools, the nearest to Sunderland is 65 miles or so to the south - in which town?   


4   Which character’s death was the first to be depicted in a Disney feature?        

                                                                               SNOW WHITE’S STEPMOTHER / THE WICKED QUEEN (1937)




5   How many carpels or seed chambers does each apple have?                                                                                             5  

6   Which part of a hospital is being referred to in code if staff are discussing ‘Rose Cottage’?

          The MORGUE / MORTUARY (to allow discussion in front of patients - ‘Rainbow’s End’ and Ward 13 also used)

7   You can stay at the Resolution Hotel off which northeast town?                                               WHITBY

8   Who took five or more test wickets in a single innings on 27 occasions, an England record?                    Ian BOTHAM




9   Which Puccini opera is based, in part, on an 1887 semi-autobiographical novel by Pierre Loti?

                                                                                                                                                        MADAME BUTTERFLY 

10   The most recent holders of what post have been the MPs for West Bromwich West, Glasgow North East and

       Buckingham?                                                                                                    SPEAKER (of the House of Commons)

11   The 1975 novel Last Bus to Woodstock introduced readers to which detective?        Inspector Endeavour MORSE

12   Bodrum, in Turkey, was built on the site of which ancient city, a part of the Persian Empire until conquered by

       Alexander the Great in 334BC?                                                                                                        HALICARNASSUS




13   Which drink features in the title of the fifth Adrian Mole diary, released in 1999?        (The) CAPPUCCINO (Years)

14   Bordering Brazil, Guyana and Venezuela, the flat-topped Mount Roraima inspired Conan Doyle to pen which novel?  

                                                                                                                                                                 The LOST WORLD

15   The heavy-metal band Sepultura, which had top twenty albums in the 1990s with Chaos AD and Roots, hails from

       which country?                                                                                                                                                     BRAZIL

16   The 1980s Grange Hill character Samuel McGuire was better known by what nickname?                              ZAMMO




17   What environmental hazard was Princess Diana’s nickname for her stepmother?                 ACID RAIN(E) (Spencer)

18   In which range of mountains in the American Cordillera is Denali / Mount McKinley, the USA’s loftiest peak?   

                                                                                                                                                                The ALASKA Range

19   Similar to the Black Death and estimated to have killed up to 50m people - a quarter of the World’s population - in

       the Byzantine and Sassanid Empires and around the Mediterranean, which 6th century Byzantine Emperor gave his

       name to the pandemic?                                                                                                               (Plague of) JUSTINIAN

20   Which motorway passes closest to Norfolk?                                                                                             M11 (20 miles)  




21   Which Roman Emperor dissolved the Praetorian Guard in 312AD?                                   CONSTANTINE the Great

22   Before becoming an athletics commentator for the BBC, Stuart Storey had represented Great Britain in which track

       event at the Olympics?                                                                                                                          110m HURDLES

23   Chris Froome, Mark Cavendish and which other Briton won stages in both 2015 and 2016 Tours de France?

                                                                                                                                                                   Steve CUMMINGS

24   Playing against Oldham in November 1992, which then Norwich player became the first Englishman to score a

       Premier League hat-trick?                                                                                                                         Mark ROBINS






1   Which motorway passes closest to Cornwall?                                                                                             M5 (32 miles)

2   The first outbreak of the Black Death in England occurred in 1348, during which King’s reign?               EDWARD III

3   Located in California, what’s the name of the highest mountain in the 48 contiguous US states?      Mount WHITNEY

4   What dog breed was Princess Diana’s nickname for Camilla Parker Bowles?                                 The ROTTWEILER  




5   The 1980s Grange Hill character Luke Gardiner was better known by what nickname?                                      GONCH

6   Lars Ulrich, the drummer and songwriter of heavy metal band Metallica, comes from which country?        DENMARK

7   The south of San Francisco; the west of the San Joaquin Valley; and the Salinas Valley were the California settings for

     novels by which Nobel prize-winner?                                                                                                  John STEINBECK

8   The title of the fourth Adrian Mole diary, released in 1993, shares what name with a period in Winston Churchill’s

     political career?                                                                                                                  (The) WILDERNESS YEARS 




9   Which city, considered to be Europe’s oldest, was the centre of the Minoan Civilization?                              KNOSSOS

10   In 1933, The Case of the Velvet Claws introduced readers to which fictional attorney?                         Perry MASON

11   The most recent holders of what post have been the MPs for Edinburgh South West, Tatton, and Runnymede and

       Weybridge?                                                                                                  CHANCELLOR OF THE EXCHEQUER

12   Which opera by Delibes is based, in part, on an 1880 autobiographical novel by Pierre Loti?                          LAKMÉ




13   Which England bowler took nine South African wickets in an innings at The Oval in 1994?         Devon MALCOLM

14   You can dine out at the Treehouse Restaurant on Denwick Lane…in which northeast town?                      ALNWICK  

15   An announcement in a theatre which references Inspector Sands is code to inform staff of what?

                                                                                                                                                                FIRE (to avoid panic)  

16   Which fruit is said to have 613 seeds, corresponding with the number of mitzvos or commandments in the Torah?





17   Name the first of the six characters to die in William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet.                    MERCUTIO

18   The most northerly of England’s 164 state-run grammar schools is 75 miles or so west of Sunderland - in which

       town?                                                                                                                                 PENRITH (Queen Elizabeth)

19   What is the name of the Paddington-based company whose brands include B&Q and Screwfix?    KINGFISHER plc

20   The Summer Olympics held at the highest altitude took place in which city?                                          MEXICO City




21   Playing against Blackburn in December 1992, which then Middlesbrough player became the first Scotsman to score a

       Premier League hat-trick?                                                                                                                       John HENDRIE

22   Name the Slovak cyclist who has won the Green Jersey in the Tour de France for the last five years?    Peter SAGAN

23   Before becoming an athletics commentator for the BBC, Paul Dickensen represented Great Britain in which field

       event at the Olympics?                                                                                                                          HAMMER throw

24   Name the prefect of the Praetorian Guard who was left in charge of Rome when Tiberius retired to Capri - he later led

       purges against his political opponents until executed in 31AD for treason?                            Lucius Aelius SEJANUS



STAND BY (GK): Used throughout medieval Europe from the late 12th century, the arbalest was a bigger and more

                                 powerful version of which weapon?                                                                                  CROSSBOW

              (SPORT): Name the only Englishmen in a list of the top 10 Premier League goalscorers under Arsène Wenger.

                                                                                                                                                                     Theo WALCOTT