Sunderland Echo Quiz League 9th November 2016


                                             QUESTIONS A


1 Which famous chef was jailed for two years in 1998 for burgling the home of singer Paul Young?

                                    Gino D’ACAMPO

2 In 1743, two Scottish children were the last people in Britain to be killed by what?


3 If seen on an Ordnance Survey map, the letter W indicates the location of what?


4 Which specific sub-genre of hip-hop was pioneered in the 1980s by performers such as Ice T and NWA?

                                              GANGSTER RAP


5 Named after an area of Nottingham, which is the largest breed of spaniel?


6 Active in the UK in the 1950s, ‘Edwardians’ were popularly known by which name?

                                              TEDDY BOYS

7 Which financier, elected Member of Parliament for Sunderland in 1845, was known as ‘the Railway King’?

                                  George HUDSON

8 Which band, whose four UK No 1 singles were all in the 1970s, is mentioned in the lyrics of David Bowie’s ‘All the Young Dudes’?

                                               T REX


9 Founded in 1917, its name means ‘news reports’. Which publication describes itself as ‘the all national newspaper of Russia’?


10 Which English poet and novelist, born in 1886, had the middle name Von Ranke? He wrote many historical novels and memoirs of his First World War experiences.

                                   Robert GRAVES

11 Which US city, with a population of just over 1 million, is nicknamed ‘Big D’?


12 The Halloween equivalent of Santa Claus in the ‘Peanuts’ comic strip, what name did scientists give to Asteroid TB145, which passed close to the Earth on October 31st 2015?

                                               GREAT PUMPKIN



                                                  QUESTIONS A


13 Which famous cartoon by Sir John Tenniel was published in Punch magazine in 1890 and depicts Chancellor Otto von Bismarck stepping from a ship, watched by an unconcerned Wilhelm II?

                                               DROPPING THE PILOT

14 In an alphabetical list of elements whose chemical symbol is just one letter, which would come first?


15 Which English author wrote the 2012 romantic novel ‘Me before you’, which was adapted into a 2016 film starring Emilia Clarke and Sam Clafin?

                                      JoJo MOYES

16 Which fruit, which is poisonous until fully ripe, is served with salt fish in the national dish of Jamaica?



17 Which Russian exclave on the coast of the Baltic Sea was formerly part of East Prussia, but was annexed by Russia after the defeat of Nazi Germany in 1945?

                                               KALININGRAD Oblast

18 In which decade of the 19th century did Brigham Young arrive in Salt Lake Valley and Marx and Engels publish their Communist Manifesto?


19 The name of which County Durham town appears as an adjective in the Lewis Carroll poem ‘Jabberwocky’?


20 Of all the clubs who have played in football’s Premiership, which was the last to be admitted to the Football League?

                                               WIGAN Athletic 1978 – Wimbledon was 1977


21Which half-brother of William the Conqueror was made Earl of Kent and served as de facto Regent of England?

                                              ODO of Bayeux

22 Based on novels by Reginald Hill, which ITV drama series is set in the fictional Yorkshire town of Wetherton?

                                               DALZIEL AND PASCOE

23 Who captained England to win the cricket World Cup in the final match at Edgbaston in 1973?

                                   Rachel HEYHOE FLINT

24 The Battle of Beersheba in October 1917 is recognized as the scene of the last successful use of which military strategy?

                                               CAVALRY CHARGE

                Sunderland Echo Quiz League 9th November 2016


                                             QUESTIONS B

1 The Battle of Leyte Gulf in October 1944 was the scene of the first organised use of which military strategy?

                                             KAMIKAZE Pilots

2 If seen on an Ordnance Survey map, what do the initials CG stand for?

                                             CATTLE GRID

3 Which famous chef received a formal police caution in 2012 for shoplifting wine and cheese from Tesco in Henley on Thames on a total of five occasions?

                              Anthony WORRAL THOMPSON

4 Bluebeat and Rocksteady were among the precursors of which music genre, introduced to a global audience in the late 1960s?



5 Based in East Berlin from 1963 until 1990, what was the name of the national airline of East Germany?


6 Which English poet and novelist born in 1886 had the middle name Lorrain? His First World War exploits earned him the nickname ‘Mad Jack’?

                              Siegfried SASSOON

7 What is the principal food of the predatory Crown of Thorns starfish?


8 Which term is used to describe a Great Dane with a colour pattern of black patches on a pure white coat?



9 What was the better known name of the Resurrectionists, active in the UK in the late 18th and early 19th centuries?


10 Which Sunderland born grocer founded a chain of shops which later became VG Foodstores?

                                Joshua WILSON

11 Which band, whose three UK No1 singles were all in the 1970s, is mentioned in the lyrics of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’?

                                            BROTHERHOOD OF MAN

12 Which part of speech is the word ‘contumely’?

                                            NOUN meaning insulting treatment





                                                  QUESTIONS B

13 Which dish, popular in the southern US and with a name meaning ‘trinket’ in Mexican Spanish, consists of a deep fried tortilla with savoury filling?


14 In an alphabetical list of elements whose chemical symbol is just one letter, which would come last?


15 In which decade of the 19th century did Bulgaria and Rumania declare independence from the Ottoman Empire and Claude Monet paint ‘Impression: Sunrise’?


16 Which city, more recently nicknamed ‘Rotor City USA’, is also known as ‘The Yellow Rose of Texas’?

                                            AMARILLO                            -------------------------------------------------

17 A study published in 2016 determined by radio-carbon dating that which fish, with a maximum age of over 500 years, is the world’s longest living vertebrate?

                                           GREENLAND SHARK

18 Which large island in the North Pacific was claimed by both Russia and Japan during the 19th and 20th centuries, until Japan relinquished its claim after losing its portion to Russian troops in the final days of WWII?


19 With a theme song by Prefab Sprout, which ITV drama series is set in the fictional Yorkshire town of Skelthwaite?

                                           WHERE THE HEART IS

20 Of all the clubs which have played in football’s Premiership, which currently occupies the lowest position in the Football League?

                                           BLACKPOOL       15th in League 2


21Which 2012 psychological thriller by American author Gillian Flynn was made into a 2014 film starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike?

                                           GONE GIRL

22 The subtitle of Punch magazine pays homage to which French satirical magazine, edited by Charles Philipon?


23Which French king was proclaimed King of England at the end of the First Baron’s War in 1217, but was never crowned?

                                            LOUIS VIII or LOUIS THE LION

24 What was the name of the winner of golf’s 2016 Bobby Jones Open, played at Johnson, Iowa?

                                Bobby JONES – only Bobby Jones’s can play.




1 Which famous Nottingham pub claims to be the oldest in Britain?

                              YE OLD TRIP TO JERUSALEM

2 Which snooker commentator was responsible for Dennis Taylor’s tilting glasses, but is probably best remembered for his whispered ‘Oh, good luck, mate’ before the final black of Cliff Thorburn’s first World Championship 147 in 1983?

                              Jack KARNHEM

3 Which is the only British Overseas Territory which does not have the Union Jack as part of its flag?


4 Which alcoholic beverage was advertised with the slogan ‘There’s a terrific draught in here!’?

                              HEINEKEN lager

5 The song ‘It’s all in the game’, a 1958 hit for Tommy Edwards and covered by dozens of artists, is set to music written by Charles G Dawes, who was appointed to which position in the USA in 1925?

                               VICE PRESIDENT also co-winner of 1925  Nobel Peace prize