B1.       Which TV series featured the Jupiter Mining Corporation?

                                                                                                            RED DWARF

B2.       Which political symbol did the artist Gerald Holtom design in 1958?

                                                                                                            CND logo

B3.       Which building in County Durham, completed in 1892, was the first building in England to be designed using metric measurements?

                                    BOWES MUSEUM

B4.       In the Simpsons, the bartender Moe Szyslak is said by Matt Groening to be based on which British based American comedian, a friend of Groening's? 




B5.       What name, derived from its English originator, is given to the googly in Australian cricket? 

BOSIE (B.J.T. Bosanquet)


B6.       Which port, the largest container port in Britain, is known as the “Port of Britain”? 



B7.       Which geographical location in the United Kingdom is the only one to have given its name to colleges at the universities of both Cambridge and Oxford? 



B8.       Viti Levu is the principal island of which island group? 




B9.       Which London landmark was a location in Hitchcock’s “Sabotage” and in 2008 in “The Dark Knight”? It was also where the Conservative Party launched its 2010 election manifesto.

                                                                                                            BATTERSEA POWER STATION                                                                                                    

B10.     The front page of which weekly magazine is sometimes referred to as “Girls in Pearls”?     

               COUNTRY LIFE

B11.     A German Shepherd dog named Rebel had which bigger, more famous, animal companion?


                                                                                                CHAMPION the WONDER HORSE


B12.     Which pre-renaissance figure, in 1223, was the first to introduce the nativity scene?

                                                                                                            St. FRANCIS of ASSISSI





B13.     Born William August Fisher in Benwell Newcastle in 1903, by what name was he known when he was arrested as a Soviet spy in 1957?

                                                                                                            Rudolf ABEL

B14.     The Quorum of the Twelve Apostles is the ruling body of which religion?

                                                CHURCH of JESUS CHRIST of LATTERDAY SAINTS (MORMONS)

B15.     Andy Street is the Managing Director of which major retailer?
                                                                                                JOHN LEWIS

B16.     Which football ground was the home of Everton FC from 1884 until a rent dispute in 1891?



B17.     Which political party was founded in 1925, but didn’t win a seat in the House of Commons until 1966?

                                                                                                                        PLAID CYMRU

B18.     With a handicap of 2, which pop star, born 1948, titled his autobiography ‘...Golf Monster’?

                                                                                                            Alice COOPER

B19.     From 1641 to1853 the only European trade with Japan was conducted through the artificial island of Dejima in which Japanese city?


B20.     What voter was identified as the sort the Labour Party needed to attract to win the 1997 election?

                                                                                                            MONDEO MAN



B21.     What is the name of the web browser introduced by Microsoft in Windows 10 to replace Internet Explorer?


B22.     Created around 1845, who would use the Moon alphabet?

                                                                                                BLIND people

B23.     In 2008 who became the first British female jockey to ride one hundred winners in a calendar year?

                                                                                                Hayley TURNER

B24.     Which soft drink, formulated by pharmacist Charles Alderton in Waco, Texas, was first marketed nationally in 1904?
                                                                                    Dr PEPPER