3 May 2017



1 In 1947, who became the first prime minister of an independent India? Jawaharlal NEHRU  

2 Born on Christmas Day 1899, who won a Best Actor Oscar in 1951 and died from cancer six years                         later?                Humphrey BOGART

3 Which German pocket battleship was successfully pursued by the British cruisers Ajax, Achilles and Exeter?    The (Admiral) GRAF SPEE     

4 The policies of which political party, founded in 1905 by Arthur Griffith, included passive resistance? SINN FÉIN




5 What name was shared by three kings of Scotland and three tsars of Russia? ALEXANDER       

6 Which garden flower, a genus in the legume family Fabaceae, has associations with wolves? LUPIN    

7 What ecclesiastical term is applied to the short wooden mallet used to kill a fish once it is landed? PRIEST   

8 In 1963, who used the pseudonym Victoria Lucas when publishing her only novel, The Bell Jar? Sylvia PLATH   




9 What links 53 Park Lane; Durnovaria; and Casterbridge? DORCHESTER (via Hotel, the Romans and Thomas Hardy)

10 If all 50 USA state capitals were listed alphabetically, which would come first?   ALBANY (New York)

11 Against which non-league side did Bournemouth’s Ted MacDougall score nine goals in the 1971 FA Cup?    MARGATE                

12 In which city and state capital, is the Cecilienhof Palace, which hosted an allied war conference during the 1940s?  POTSDAM          




13 Which word in the astronomer’s lexicon is derived from the Greek for ‘long haired’? COMET

14 The Tivoli pleasure garden is an attraction in which European capital city? COPENHAGEN

15 Where in Britain did a miracle occur according to the title of a 1944 ballet with music by Arthur Bliss? The GORBALS

16 Led by Garibaldi in 1860, what was the name of the expedition which sought to conquer the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies? The Expedition of the THOUSAND        




17 In which poem did Coleridge write, ‘It was a miracle of rare device, a sunny pleasure-dome with caves of ice!’?    KUBLA KHAN   

18 In which city is the Glover Residence, reputedly the setting for Puccini’s Madame Butterfly? NAGASAKI        

19 Which war was ended by the Treaty of Paris in 1763? SEVEN YEARS’ WAR or FRENCH AND INDIAN WAR     

20 He was Prince of Wallachia three times between 1448 and his death, but what was his nickname, a reference to his favoured means of execution? (Vlad) the IMPALER           




21 Which Hitchcock thriller features Farley Granger as an amateur tennis star? STRANGERS ON A TRAIN

22 Which eponymous character lives in St Petersburg with Aunt Polly, cousin Mary and half-brother Sid? Tom SAWYER           

23 Born Marie Jana Korbelová in May 1937, who did Bill Clinton appoint Secretary of State 60 years later?  Madeleine ALBRIGHT    

24 Which Middlesbrough-born footballer won the Man of the Match trophy after Liverpool beat Cardiff City in the 2012 League Cup Final? Stewart DOWNING






1 Which Middlesbrough-born footballer won the Man of the Match trophy after ’Spurs beat Chelsea in the 2008 League Cup Final? Jonathan WOODGATE (Alan Hardaker Trophy)

2 Born Herbert Ernst Karl Frahm in December 1913, which German statesman was awarded the Nobel Peace prize 58 years later? Willy BRANDT

3 What adjective describes Dr Griffin in the title of an 1887 novel by H G Wells? The INVISIBLE Man     

4 Which 1966 film featured David Hemmings wandering through a park before watching two young people playing tennis without a ball? BLOW-UP



5 What gruesome epithet was given to Eric Haraldsson, King of Norway and twice King of Northumbria? BLOODAXE

6 Which war was ended by the Peace of Westphalia, signed in 1648? THIRTY YEARS’ WAR / EIGHTY YEARS’ WAR      

7 William Shakespeare’s father John is frequently described as a ‘whittawer’, meaning a worker in what material? (white) LEATHER

8 Which composer’s incidental music to James Elroy Flecker’s 1920 play ‘Hassan’ was played on the Tyneside Metro to deter vandals? Frederick DELIUS’s 



9 What became an autonomous Grand Duchy in the Russian Empire in 1809; an independent republic in December 1907; and a member of the EU in 1995? FINLAND

10 In the 1966 film Mars Attacks, the heads of the aliens explode when who’s yodelling version of Indian Love Call is played? Slim WHITMAN’s

11 The Tivoli Theatre of Varieties was a popular English theatre based on which London thoroughfare? The STRAND

12 Which word in the astronomer’s lexicon is derived from the Greek for ‘milky’? GALAXY



13 Who, with Winston Churchill, represented Britain at the Potsdam Conference in 1945? Clement ATTLEE

14 Who scored for both sides in the 1981 FA Cup final? Tommy HUTCHINSON

15 If all state capitals of the USA were placed in alphabetical order, which would be last? TRENTON (New Jersey)

16 What links Cefn Druids AFC; Dwayne Johnson; and Alcatraz? The ROCK (home ground and alternative name/s)








17 Published in 1958 and set in Imber Court, a lay religious community, which novelist wrote The Bell? Iris MURDOCH

18 Which ecclesiastical term is used for a weighted fishing line with hooks connected by beadlike swivels, resembling a rosary? PATERNOSTER                       

19 Which garden plant is the Latinised version of the Greek for larkspur or little dolphin? DELPHINIUM

20 What name was shared by three popes in the 19th century and three in the 20th? PIUS (VII-XII)



21 Which political party, co-founded by Saunders Lewis in 1925, returned its first MP in 1966? PLAID CYMRU

22 Name either British warship sunk in the South China Sea just three days after the attack on Pearl Harbor.   


23 Shortly before he died on Christmas Day 1946, who recorded a spoken-word album which included a track titled ‘The Day I Drank a Glass of Water’? W C FIELDS

24 Syngman Rhee, who died in exile in Honolulu in 1965, became the first President of which Republic 17 years before?

 (South) KOREA