QUESTIONS B


1       The medical condition formerly known as dropsy most usually affects which part of the body?

                             Lower LEG  or feet

2       What was the title of the short lived 1990s sitcom, starring Wendy Craig, Sheila Hancock and Jean Boht, which was based on the US TV series ‘The Golden Girls’?

                             BRIGHTON BELLES

3       Which England footballer, who gained his first cap in a 1-0 defeat by Sweden in 2004, never played a full ninety minutes in his first fifty appearances?

                              Jermain DEFOE

4       Whose last words, to his executioner in 1794, were ‘Show my head to the people. It is worth the trouble’?

                              Georges DANTON



5       In 1948, Clement Atlee abolished the twelve seats in the House of Commons belonging to which constituencies?


6       The 1878 painting ‘And when did you last see your father’, by WF Yeames, is set during which period in history?

                               English CIVIL WAR

7       In the Japanese language, what is meant by the prefix kara-?


8       Since its inception in 1993, the FIFA World Player of the Year award

has only once been won by a defender, when which Real Madrid player won it in 2006?

                               Fabio CANNAVARO






                                             QUESTIONS B


     9 What sort of scientist would be most likely to study a Hertzsprung-Russell      diagram?


10  Which people were regular invaders of Germany, but were defeated by the Holy Roman Emperor Otto the Great, at the Lechfeld in the mid 10th century?


11 Which comedian’s acting roles have included Eric Gartside in Coronation Street and the Abzorbaloff monster in Dr Who?

                               Peter KAY

12 Many of its inhabitants are employed at the Dounreay Power Plant. which is the most northerly town in mainland Britain?





13 ‘Put out the light and then put out the light’ is a line spoken by which Shakespeare title character?


14 Which vegetable is the main ingredient of Crème du Barry soup?


15 ‘Helix pomatia’, sometimes called ‘Roman’ or ‘edible’ is the largest British species of which creature?


16  Whose 1984 cover of a 1967 song won the Brit Award for Best Comedy recording, the only time that it was presented, in 1985?

                                 Nigel PLANER or NEIL










                                            QUESTIONS B


17  Whose first novel ‘Burmese Days’ was inspired by his service as an officer of the Indian Imperial Police?

                                   George ORWELL

18  Which left hander, who played his last competitive cricket for Surrey in 2014, scored a double century in each of the first two tests against England in 2003?

                                    Graeme SMITH

19  Which German archipelago, which became a major naval base during the First World War, has an important place in the study of ornithology?


20  The first place in Britain to levy a congestion charge was Saddler Street in which city?





21  Robert Dudley was a favourite and close friend of Elizabeth I. Which earldom did he hold?


22  Deaf actress Marlee Matlin won the Best Actress Oscar at the 1986 Academy Awards for playing the character Sarah Norman in which film?

                                     CHILDREN OF A LESSER GOD

23  Converted in 1906 from St Stephen’s Presbyterian Chapel, which was Sunderland’s first permanent cinema?

                          MONKWEARMOUTH PICTURE HOUSE

24 Which antelope-like animal is the fastest mammal in North America, capable of speeds of up to 90km per hour?










                                               QUESTIONS A


1 Which jackal-sized black and fawn striped mammal differs from the other three species of hyena in that its jaws are weak and its diet consists mainly of termites?


 2 Which Sunderland theatre, which opened in 1852 on Lambton Street, four years later saw the stage debut of a young Henry Irving?


3 What sort of scientist would be most likely to study a Hertzsprung-Russell diagram?


4 Which word can mean either a wasteful excess or a condition caused by a larger than normal amount of red blood cells in the blood?





5 When Gary Lineker was substituted after 61 minutes in his last England match, a 2-1 defeat by Sweden at Euro 92, which player came on to replace him?

                                       Alan SMITH (of Arsenal)

6 The 1881 painting ‘Scotland Forever’, by Lady Butler, depicts a scene from which battle?

                                     BATTLE OF WATERLOO

                                      or the Charge of the Scots Greys

7 Not including Donald Trump, HM the Queen has met 11 of the last 12 US presidents. Which one did she not meet?

                                      Lyndon B JOHNSON

8 ‘Sylvie and Bruno’, whose plot contains a number of mathematical puzzles, was the last novel published in the lifetime of which author?

                                  Lewis CARROLL





                                    QUESTIONS A


9       Which political party was founded in 2005 by Robert Kilroy Silk? It has never held any seats in Parliament or contested any elections since 2005 and was dissolved in 2015.


10  ‘Let me have men about me that are fat; Sleek-headed men and such as sleep o’nights are lines spoken by which Shakespeare title character?

                                  JULIUS CAESAR

11  ‘Three’s Company’ was the title of the American version of which  1970s ITV sitcom?

                                  MAN ABOUT THE HOUSE

    12  What is the two word term used to describe the stream of charged    particles, mainly electrons, protons and alpha particles, flowing outwards from the sun?

                                   SOLAR WIND





13Which people were regular invaders of the Eastern Empire, but were finally defeated by the Byzantine emperor, Basil the Second, in 1018?


14      Well known because of an event in 1987, which is the most westerly town in the UK?


15      Deriving its name from a Spanish word meaning ‘a stick’, which form of capital punishment was last used in Spain in 1974?


16      Which cricketer who spent 17 seasons with Hampshire, scored two double centuries against England in the 1984 summer Test series?

                                   Gordon GREENIDGE





                                                QUESTIONS A


17      In the Japanese language, what is meant by the suffix –do, as in bushido?

                                  WAY or PATH or similar

18      What is the name of the tilting train, first produced in Italy, introduced in the UK in 2002 by Virgin Trains?


19      Which film, for which Elizabeth Taylor won the Best Actress Oscar, also won the Black and White Cinematography award, the last year before it was combined with the Colour award?

                                  WHO’S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF

20      Tegenaria Parietina, known as the Cardinal, is the largest British species of which creature?





21      George Villiers was a close friend and favourite of James I. Which dukedom did he hold?


22      Which Belfast born singer was the only person to have represented the UK in consecutive Eurovision Song Contests, in 1962 and 1963? He died in 2015, aged 80.

                                   Ronnie CARROLL

23      A restored Armenian T-72 tank, knocked out of commission while attacking Azeri positions, serves as a war memorial on the outskirts of Stepanakert, in which disputed territory in the South Caucasus?

                                    NAGORNO KARABAKH

24      In Britain, the harvesting season for which vegetable traditionally begins on St George’s Day and ends with an auction on June 21st?