A1.      Ironically, who is the only member of ZZ Top that is simply moustached?


                                                                                                Frank BEARD

A2.      Said to have been used as payment at Cynthia Payne’s brothel, what were launched in 1946 at a tax free concession of two shillings and threepence, later rising to 15p? This concession was abolished in 2013.  

                                                                                                LUNCHEON VOUCHERS

A3.      The Reconnaissance General Bureau is the intelligence security agency of which far eastern country?

                                                                                                NORTH KOREA

A4.      Which detective became, in 1975, the only fictional character to be given an obituary in the New York Times?

                                                                                                Hercule POIROT


A5.      In the acronyms for the types of welding known as MIG and TIG, for what do the initials IG stand? 

                                                                                                INERT GAS

A6.      A massive mural on the north wall of the Blue House pub in Hendon, Sunderland is of which very local local? 


A7.      The wreck of the “Sea Venture” off Bermuda in 1609 inspired the opening scene of which play?


                                                                                                The TEMPEST

A8.      What colour is the name bib of the competitor leading in the decathlon or heptathlon?



A9.      “John Palmer” was the alias of a member of a brutal 18th century Essex gang, but is better known by what name?

                                                                                                Dick TURPIN

A10.    From cockney rhyming slang, what term is used by commentators to describe a cricket pitch heavily favouring spin bowlers?

                                                                                    BUNSEN (burner = turner)

A11.     The SI unit of time, a second, is based upon the ground state transition of an atom of which element?

A12.    The traditional mythological chimera has the head of lion, the tail of a snake and the body of which animal?



ROUND 4     

A13.    Whose prelude in C sharp minor, opus 3 number 2, is known as “The Bells of Moscow?



A14.    The Latin phrase “Quo plures, eo hilariores” translates directly into which English expression? 


                                                                                                THE MORE, THE MERRIER

A15.    Which castle in Wales, built in 1295, was constructed on a site that had a name that means ‘beautiful marsh’?


A16.    On the 4th September 1882, which bank building in New York became the first to receive electricity generated by a power station?

                                                                                                J.P. MORGAN


A17.    In which city is the rugby ground known as The Cake Tin?


A18.     A John McCabe ballet and a Christopher Marlowe play are based on the life of which king?


                                                                                                            EDWARD II

A19.    Which 1953 musical was described by one critic as “borrowed din”?


A20.    During World War I, the third battle of Ypres was better known by what other name? 




A21.    Local writer and broadcaster Mrs. Bryan Thubron, who died aged 83 in 2016, is better known by what name? 

                                                                                                            Denise ROBERTSON


A22.    Which first millennium Briton recorded that tides were influenced by the moon and tide times moved clockwise around the British Isles?


A23.    “Will it play in Peoria?” is a figure of speech used to ask whether a given product or person will appeal to mainstream America. In which state is the original Peoria?


ILLINOIS (Arizona Peoria was founded by two citizens from Illinois Peoria)


A24.    Which American entrepreneur, ten times richer than Bill Gates, was known as “The Anaconda”?


                                                                                                            Robert D. ROCKEFELLER