Sunderland Quiz League  7th November 2018


1.    Which Mascagni opera is traditionally performed in a double bill with Pagliacci by Leoncavallo?


2.   Which British weekly glossy magazine was launched in 1897 incorporating Racing Illustrated? At that time, golf and racing served as its main content.


3.   Who was the subject of the popular football chant ‘He’s bald, he’s red, he sleeps in Fergie’s bed’?

                        Howard WEBB

4.   Which highly dramatic dance associated with early 20th century Parisian street culture is said to re-enact a discussion between a pimp and a prostitute?


5.   Which band, which also featured Denny Laine on guitar and vocals, was formed in 1969 from members of the disbanded Blind Faith?

                   GINGER BAKER’S AIR FORCE

6.   Better known for his pre-war work in a different field, who won the Academy Award for Best Costume Design for Gigi in 1958 and My Fair Lady in 1964?

                       Cecil BEATON

   7 Which US state has a capital city named after the

       4th  President of the United States?


8 ‘Jackie’ was the best-selling teen magazine of the 1970s

     in the UK. Its best selling issue was the 1972 special edition to coincide with the UK tour of which  singer?

                          David CASSIDY

9      Which well known martial arts actor has designed his own art of fighting called Chun Kuk Do?

                      Chuck NORRIS


10 Which British Best Actor Oscar winner stated in a 2012 interview, ‘I’ve been composing music all my life and if I’d been clever enough at school,

 I would have liked to have gone to music college. As it was, I had to settle for being an actor.’

                           Anthony HOPKINS

11 Technically the mouth of the river Garonne, which major estuary is connected to the Mediterranean by the Canal des Deux Mers?


12 Londonderry Wallsend, Pittington Wallsend and Londonderry Primrose were all types of what?

                                      Household COAL

13 Which politician and revolutionary became the first President of Ghana, having led the Gold Coast to independence from Britain in 1947?

                                    Kwame NKRUMAH

14 Which weapon appears on the badge of the Royal Air Force base at Scampton, Lincolnshire?

                   Bow and ARROW

15      A 1955 UK number one for the Johnson Brothers, ‘Hernando’s Hideaway’ comes from which musical, based on a 1953 novel by Richard Bissell?

                    The PAJAMA GAME

16      Which headland on the Cote d’Opale is the closest point to England on the French mainland?

                     CAP GRIS NEZ

17      Originally called fossil fir cones or bezoar stones, what name did William Buckland give in 1829 to fossilised animal droppings?


18      Because of its low cost and visual similarity to diamond, which synthetic material has remained the most important competitor for diamonds since production began in 1976?

                      CUBIC ZIRCONIA

19      In 1991, after complaints from Catholic groups in the USA, distributors of the film ‘The Pope Must Die’ changed its title to what?

                      THE POPE MUST DIET

20      According to the Book of Genesis, what was the name of Abraham’s concubine who bore his first son, Ishmael, when Abraham was 86 years old?


21      Whose official Twitter page is ‘@ITVthebarrister’?

                       Chaser Sean WALLACE

22      What one name is shared by two historical figures beheaded in 1540 and 1661?

                       CROMWELL – Thomas, Oliver posthumously

23      Apart from eggs, what is the main ingredient of a traditional Spanish Omelette?


24      Which defender, who joined Sunderland in July 2009, has the most caps of any player to have played for the club?

                        Paolo DA SILVA   150 for Paraguay

25      Who is the subject of the Shakespeare quote ‘Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale her infinite variety’?


26      Brewed specially for the home, which was the first beer in the UK to be sold in cans?

                          Ind Coope LONG LIFE

27      Cocker Spaniels were originally bred in the UK specifically to hunt which game bird?


28      No doubt inspired by Adele’s albums 19, 21 and 25, who in 2016 released the chart topping album ‘50’?

                          Rick ASTLEY

29      Which railway station just outside Kendal had the suffix ‘Lake District’ added to its name in 1988?


30      What is the name of the Australian thoroughbred racehorse who since May 2015 has won 29 consecutive races and is now the top ranked horse in the World’s Best Racehorse rankings?


31      What is the obvious difference between Remembrance Day poppies sold in Scotland and those sold in England?

                           NO LEAF on Scottish poppies

32      Which vehicle manufacturer was founded as Commercial Cars in 1905? Its name was changed to the Dodge brand during the 1970s?


33      The Ballaugh Curraghs area of the Isle of Man is home to Britain’s largest wild population of which macropods?


34      Despite a commitment in 2000 to take the level of female recruitment to 20% by 2020, Susan Travers is the only woman ever accepted into which military unit?

                            FRENCH FOREIGN LEGION

35      The historical English flat race, the Cesarewitch, finishes in front of the Newmarket stands in Suffolk, but starts in which county?


36      She has scored 20 goals in 130 internationals. Which former Sunderland Ladies player is nickname ‘Crouchy’ because of her 5’11’’ frame?

                             Jill SCOTT

37      Which soft blue cheese, given what was thought to be a typically English name, was hailed as the first new English cheese in 200 years at its launch in 1982?


38      The NASA space observatory launched in 2009 to discover earth size planets orbiting other stars, was named after which famous astronomer?

                             Johannes KEPLER

39      After more than half a century, which iconic tin was subject to a design change in May this year?

                           FRAY BENTOS PIES

40      Vitamin B9, which is essential for the body to make DNA and red blood cells, is also known by which chemical name?

                           FOLIC ACID or FOLATE

41      Which son of a Polish artist was British rowing coach at the 1980 and 1984 Olympics and coached Oxford to a run of ten Boat Race victories between 1976 and 1985?

                            Dan TOPOLSKI

42      What was the full name of the actress who provided the voice of Duchess in ‘The Aristocats’ and Miss Bianca in Disney’s ‘The Rescuers’?

                            EVA GABOR

43      Jack Black plays which author in the 2015 American horror comedy ‘Goosebumps’ and its 2018 sequel?

                            RL STINE

44      What sort of animals were Odin’s pets Geri and Freki, who he fed with food from his table?


45      Best known for his series of views of the River Thames, which artist, born in France to English parents, was known as the English Impressionist?

                             Alfred SISLEY

46      Which Conservative MP had the party whip returned in May 2013 after being suspended from the party six months earlier?

                           Nadine DORRIES

47      Which 2009 number one single is the most downloaded song in history on iTunes. Its lyrics contain the phrase ‘Mazel tov’.

                           I GOTTA FEELING 


48 Which bird lays eggs that are white, generally about 22m  long and 20-22mm in diameter and are often perfectly round?


49 Which musical instruction on piece of sheet music means ‘go back to the beginning’ or ‘from the top’?

                             DA CAPO

50 Apart from the ceremonial entrance to the City of London with the same name, in which city could you visit the area of Temple Bar?


51Which constituent of human anatomy has a name derived from a Latin word meaning ‘little mouse’?

                             MUSCLE      from musculus

52 In chemistry, what name is given to the tendency of some materials, such as sodium hydroxide, to absorb moisture from the atmosphere?