Q1 Which group were originally called  The Engaged Couples ‘ ?



Q2 In Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels , the WHO IMS  with the spelling  HOUYHNHNMS are represented as what kind of animals ?

A  Horses


Q3 In 1991 , which Scottish band released the album  Fellow Hoodlums ?

A Deacon Blue


Q4 If Boris Johnson lives with Dilyn , which Labour Prime Minister lived with Ting ?

A Clement Attlee ( both are dogs owned by Prime ministers )


Q5 The Football League was formed in 1888 . Sunderland were admitted in 1890 , replacing which of the original 12 ?

A Stoke City


Q6 England defeated the French at the 13th century Battle of Mirabeau during the reign of which Monarch ?

A King John


Q7 Which English composer won an Oscar for the score of the film ‘ Bridge on the River Kwai ‘ ?

A Malcolm Arnold


Q8 Subject of a medieval pilgrimage , which merchant and holy man lived as a hermit at Finchale Priory and died in 1170 AD ?

A Godric


Q9 Which city in Spain was the origin of the name given to shoemakers and leather workers ?

A Cordoba  ( Cordwainers )


Q10 Which creature , which often appears on Inn signs or in Pub names , was the badge of King Richard the 2nd  ?

A White Hart



Q11 Ree Drummond , married to a cattle rancher in the U.S mid-west , cooks on TV for cowboys and family , and is known by the title of which TV show ?

A The Pioneer Woman


Q12 Which town in the Scottish borders , was the birthplace of and is the recognised official home of Rugby Union Sevens ?

A Melrose


Q13 Which Tchaikovsky opera has the same name as a playing card ?

A The Queen of Spades


Q14 Which civic celebration in the North West of  England will next be held in 2032 ?

A The Preston Guild


Q15 Prior to being replaced by the Euro , what was the currency of Malta ?

A Lira


Q16  If LF is Low Frequency , what is the S in SLF ?

A Super


Q17 The Order of the White Eagle instituted in 1705 by Augustus 2nd  The Strong , is awarded in which European country ?

A Poland


Q18 In meteorology , what is measured on the Fujita Scale ?

A Tornado Intensity


Q19 The court case of Jarndyce and Jarndyce is a central feature of which novel by Charles Dickens ?

A Bleak House


Q20 Jodie Foster has won 2 Best Actress Oscars . One was for The Silence of the Lambs , what is the name of the other film ?

A The Accused


Q21 Marie Curie died from exposure to radiation in 1934 . What caused her husband’s death in 1906 ?

A Fractured Skull as he was run over by a cart in the street


Q22 What was the surname of Janet and Alan , a married couple who worked together on many successful children’s books until Janet died of cancer in 1994

A Ahlberg


Q23 In September 1745 the first significant battle of the Jacobite Rising took place near which Scottish town ?

A Prestonpans


Q24 Of the 17 chemical elements whose names begin with a vowel , which is the only one not to share it’s first letter with any other element ?

A Uranium


Q25 On the Namibian flag , what is the colour BELOW the diagonal stripe ?

A Green


Q26 First published in 1991 , after the author’s death the previous year , The Vicar of Nibbleswicke was written by whom ?

A Roald Dahl


Q27  How did George Bernard Shaw refer to Ireland in the four-word titled play of 1904 ?

A John Bull’s other Island


Q28  What colourless , flammable gas , C3H8 , is used chiefly as a fuel and in organic synthesis ?

A Propane


Q29 What audio streaming platform was launched in October 2008 ?

A Spotify


Q30 At what battle of 1801 did Nelson put his telescope to his blind eye and say ‘ I really do not see the signal ‘ ?

A Copenhagen


Q31 Also called ‘ pillar saints ‘ , what name was given to the monks who spent much of their time living on top of tall pillars ?

A Stylites


Q32 Kay Scarpetta is the protagonist in several crime novels written by whom ?

A Patricia Cornwell

Q33 The British Museum was established in which half of which century ?

A Second half of 18th century ( 1753 )


Q34 The 15.7 mile M69 dual carriageway motorway links Leicester with which city ?

A Coventry


Q35 The phrase  decus et tutamen ‘ , which once appeared around the rim of pound coins , was a quotation from which Roman author 70BC to 19BC ?

A Virgil


Q36 In the Book of Exodus , Zipporah ( or Tzipora ) was the wife of which prophet ?

A Moses


Q37 What type of vegetable is used in a traditional soubise sauce ?

A Onion


Q38 The Battle of Kleidion in 1014 was a turning point in the conflict between the Byzantines and which other empire ?

A Bulgarian


Q39 Born in 1051 , who was the eldest son of William the Conqueror ?

A Robert 2nd ( Curthose )


Q40 In text speak what does the I in IMHO stand for ?

A In


Q41 Known as Deliciously Ella , food blogger Ella Mills is the daughter –in –law of which late MP ?

A Tessa Jowell


Q42 Saskia van Uylenburgh was the wife and sometime model of which 17th century Dutch painter ?

A Rembrandt


Q43 Who succeeded the historical Macbeth , styled King of Alba in 1057 ?

A Lulach



Q44 Other than Cornwall , which county in England has a town called St Ives ?

A Cambridgeshire


Q45 Which planet is encircled by the Adams and Lassell rings ?

A Neptune


Q46 Which Libyan king was deposed by Colonel Gaddafi in 1969 ?

A Idris 1st


Q47 Spelter is an alloy comprised of over 90% of which metal ?

A Zinc


Q48 Which U.S golfer has won the U.S PGS Championship for the last 2 years ?

A Brooks Koepka


Q49 In literature , what as the name of Don Quixote’s horse ?

A Rocinante


Q50 Also known as a split , which musical sounding name is given to a bottle that holds a single serving of Champagne ?

A Piccolo


Q51 In Greek myth who did Zeus father with Leda after gaining her affection disguised as a swan ?

A Helen of Troy


Q52 In which Japanese city is the opera Madame Butterfly set ?

A Nagasaki