1        Normanton Castle, which can appear to be floating on its surface, is a feature of which reservoir, created in 1970?

                         RUTLAND Water

2        Which ball game, according to the Basque Government, is the fastest moving sport in the world?

                          JAI ALAI

3  The only marsupials not native to Australasia belong to which species?

                          OPOSSUM or SHREW OPOSSUM

4        The title track to which UK chart topping album of 1984 is based on a poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge?

                         WELCOME TO THE PLEASUREDOME

5        Which is the only US state which shares a border with Maine?

                         NEW HAMPSHIRE

6        Which British Commonwealth gold medal winner and World Champion married Dustin Lance Black in May 2017?

                         Tom DALEY

7        Marenka is the title character of which opera by Bedrich Smetana, first performed in Prague in 1866?

                          THE BARTERED BRIDE

8        Which Japanese golfer won what was then the most valuable prize in golf, a £120,000 house overlooking Gleneagles golf course, when he holed in one during the 1970 World Matchplay Championships?

                          Isao AOKI

9        Which Houghton-le-spring born actor played the part of Bill Seaton in the 1970s TV series ‘When the Boat Comes In’?

                          James GARBUTT

10   Who was the commander of the ill-fated Apollo 1 mission? His name was used for one of the characters in the TV series ‘Thunderbirds’.

                          Virgil ‘Gus’ GRISSOM

11   Which American TV series of 1978 saw the screen debut of Robin Williams?

                           HAPPY DAYS

12   In 1985, a 15th century gold pendant with a large blue sapphire stone was discovered near which Yorkshire castle which gives its name to the jewel?


13   The 1970s book ‘Pure, White and Deadly’, by author John Yudkin, is about which substance?


14   In the now largely outdated bingo callers’ slang, which number is known as ‘the lawnmower’?


15   A replica of the 1712 original by Francis Bird, a statue of which British monarch stands just outside the front of St Paul’s Cathedral?

                              Queen ANNE

16   Which dog breed takes its name from a German word meaning ‘to splash about’? A single word answer will do.


17   In which modern day country could you visit Frankenstein Castle, thought to have been an inspiration for Mary Shelley when she wrote her 1818 novel?


18   After Helen of Troy was abducted by Paris, who commanded the united Greek Army in the ensuing war?


19   The ruins of the ancient site of Knossos are on the outskirts of which modern day city?


20   They are known as ‘shells’ when they arrive here and become ‘removes’ after a year. For a couple of weeks while they are ‘shells’, they are looked after by ‘shepherds’ at which establishment?

                              HARROW School

21   This artist made their professional debut at the Sunderland Empire on November 5th 1956 and went on to have just one Number One single in this country. Still performing today, who is this artist?

                              Tommy STEELE

22   On a Japanese sushi menu, what sort of creature is ‘unagi’?

                              Freshwater EEL

23   Nehaj Subas Chandra Bose airport, just outside Kolkata, was formerly known by which name?

                              DUM DUM Airport

24   The William Tell Overture by Rossini provides the recognisable theme of TV adverts for which online company, current sponsors of the EFL Trophy?


25   Which island is separated from Borneo by the Strait of Makassar?


26   Apart from the fact that they are all nouns, what specifically connects the words adder, apron, orange and umpire?

                               They were originally spelt with an initial N

27   Which country uses the International Vehicle Registration Letter ‘K’?


28   Which footballer, a member of Sunderland’s 1973 FA Cup winning team, is the only player to have played in every single round of the FA Cup, although not consecutively?

                                Ron GUTHRIE (Sunderland and Blyth Spartans)

29   The first specimen was caught in 1981. Bigger and heavier than the giant squid, what is the best known name of this largest member of the squid family?

                                COLOSSAL Squid

30   Whose 1976 Greatest Hits album reached certified sales of 38 million copies in 2018 to claim the title of best selling album of all time?

                                 The EAGLES



31   Banned in many schools, which rotating hand held toy was the kids’ craze of the summer of 2017?

                                FIDGET SPINNER

32   Which word, familiar to fans of TV’s ‘Star Trek, is used in weaving for the longitudinal yarns held in tension on a loom?


33   Which Turner Prize winning artist’s 2007 autobiography was entitled ‘Portrait of the Artist as a Young Girl’?

                                  Grayson PERRY

34   What was the name of the antique fortune telling machine which granted Josh Baskin’s wish to be ‘Big’ in the 1988 comedy film of the same name?


35   Adam Walker is the current leader of which political party? Its headquarters are in Wigton in Cumbria and it was founded in 1982 by John Tyndall?

                                    BRITISH NATIONAL PARTY or BNP

36   From which medicinal and culinary herb do we get citronella oil, commonly used as a mosquito repellent?


37   Louis XIV was succeeded as King of France by Louis XV. What relation was the latter to the former?


38   Which player, who played in the 2nd Test Match between England and India in August, neither batted nor bowled in the game?

                                     Adil RASHID

39   Born Christa Paffgen, this German singer and model recorded six solo studio albums between 1967 and 1985, but she is better known for providing vocals on a Velvet Underground album. How is she better known?


40   In which millennium were most of the Sarsen Stones at Stonehenge put in place, including the famous Blue Stones?

                                      THIRD MILLENIUM BC (or 2000-3000 BC)

41   Lord Alfred Douglas, younger son of the Marquess of Queensberry, had an infamous affair with Oscar Wilde. His elder brother Francis, however, was strongly rumoured to have been involved with which man, who was Prime Minister?

                                       Lord ROSEBERRY (Archibald Primrose)

42   Nick Drnaso’s book 2018 work ‘Sabrina’ is the first book in which genre to feature on the Booker Prize long list?

                                       GRAPHIC NOVEL or COMIC

43   News of the death of which actress (most famous for her TV roles) in June 2009, was overshadowed by the death of Michael Jackson on the same day?

                                        Farrah FAWCETT

44   What name is given to a battlefield feature that projects into enemy territory, surrounded on three sides making the troops occupying it vulnerable, such as the area around Ypres which was the scene of some of the biggest battles of WWI?


45   Which American cigarette brand, with a decidedly un-American name, were known colloquially as ‘Dromes’?                                          CAMEL


46   Also known as the Deadly Nevergreen, what was the best known name of the permanent gallows which stood close to the modern day site of Marble Arch?

                                          TYBURN TREE

47   Which sketch show starring Sanjeev Bhaskar and Meera Syal moved from Radio Four to BBC2 TV in 1998 and had the original working title ‘Peter Sellers is dead’?

                                         GOODNESS GRACIOUS ME

48   What name is given to a hinged valve which allows liquids to flow only in one direction?

                                          CLACK valve

49   Wales Rugby Union defence coach Shaun Edwards has a son, James, from a former relationship with which UK soul singer?

                                           Heather SMALL

50   Invicta, a rampant white horse, is depicted on the flag and coat of arms of which English county?


51   At the age of 79, veteran American comedian George Burns won his first Oscar, as Best Supporting Actor in which 1975 movie based on a Neil Simon play?

                                            The SUNSHINE BOYS

52   Which American actor who provides the voice of Lightning McQueen in all three ‘Cars’ movies and played Ken Hutchinson in ‘Starsky and Hutch’ currently features in a series of TV adverts  for Sofology sofas?

                                           Owen WILSON