Questions August 1st 2018

1.         Proxima Centauri, the nearest known star to the Sun, is classified as what type of star?

RED DWARF (M-type)

2.       In betting odds slang what odds are called “carpet”?


3.     Between 1784 and 1811 our government levied taxes on the sale of what item of clothing? 


4.         What is the name of the cheese-eating rabbit in the Wallace and Gromit film ‘The Curse of the Were-Rabbit’?


5.         What is the Second Amendment of the USA constitution?  

The Right to BEAR ARMS


6.         The three oldest gentlemen’s clubs are all found in which SW1 London street?

St. JAMES’S Street

7.         Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Columbia are four of the Ivy League universities. Name one of the others.       



8.         The navy toast for Saturdays is about to be changed for politically correct reasons.  What is the toast traditionally? 

SWEETHEARTS AND WIVES (May they never meet)


9.         Which senior post in the Royal Households of the United Kingdom has been held by Rev. Nevil Maskelyne and Professor Sir Arnold Wolfendale?

                                                                                                            ASTRONOMER ROYAL

10.     The UK TV standard is PAL. What does the A stand for? 



11.     In Apothecaries’ weight scale what do twenty grains make?


12.     The Tomahawk Chop is the principal chant of the fans of which Aviva Premiership Rugby Union team? 

EXETER Chiefs    

13.     What is the first prime number above a thousand?



14.     What was started in 1829  by friends Charles Merivale and Charles Wordsworth?


 The Oxford and Cambridge BOAT RACE


15.     In the Chinese calendar which creature is the sign for 2018?

                                                                                         The DOG


16.     After the death of Joseph Stalin in 1953, who became Premier and First Party Secretary of the USSR?

Georgy Maximilianovich  MALENKOV

17.     What is the name of the fictional Cornish village in the TV comedy-drama Doc Martin?


18.     Which swimmer won Great Britain’s first Gold medal at the 2016 Olympics?


19.     Who succeeded Des O’Connor and preceded Nick Hewer as the presenter of Channel 4’s Countdown?

20.     In 2009 the functions of the Lords of Appeal in Ordinary (or Law Lords) were transferred to which new body?

21.     Kansas City is the largest city of which US state?


22.     What is the nationality of the tennis player Simona Halep?


23.     The E1, E2 and E6 are bus services connecting Sunderland and South Shields. Referring to the original bus company that ran this service, what does the letter ‘E’ stand for?

ECONOMIC (Bus Company)


24.     What is the name given to a location in space where the combined gravitational forces of two large bodies, such as Earth and the Sun or Earth and the Moon, equal the centrifugal force felt by a much smaller third body?

                                                                             A LAGRANGE point


25.     The physical constant h-bar ( ħ ) - Plank’s Constant divided by 2p - is used in the measurement of electron angular momentum and is named after which British physicist?



26.     Which English Football League Championship team plays home matches at a ground sharing its name with a current European Head of State?

 BOLTON WANDERERS (Macron Stadium)                        

27.     Said to have been orchestrated in 45 minutes by Dmitri Shostakovitch, “The Tahiti Trot” uses the melody of which song from “No, No, Nanette” by Vincent Youmans? 



28.     ‘42’ is the only number retired from every professional baseball team in the USA. It was the number on the shirt of which iconoclastic player? 


29.     At which Buckinghamshire farm did the ‘Great Train Robbers’ hide out immediately before and after the robbery?


30.     Which master trumpeter played with an upturned horn and is, with Charlie Parker, considered to be the inventor of bebop?

                                                                        Dizzy GILLESPIE

31.  “The Mousetrap” is a play within which Shakespearean play? 


32.     On which island with an area of just over 2 square miles is the principal house called “La Seigneurie”?


33.     In the late 19th century, the Hall-Heroult process was the earliest economic method for the production of which metal? 


34.     What is the name of the state owned oil Production Company of Brazil?



35.     What name is given to a manuscript on which later writing has been superimposed on effaced earlier writing?


36.     Nicknamed “The lame devil”, who, as Foreign Secretary, was the French representative at the Congress of Vienna held between 1814 and 1815? 

                                                                        Charles TALLEYRAND


37.     Lyme disease takes its name from a town in which country? 



38.     Which singer had to cancel seven concerts in Asia in 2017 having broken his arm in a cycling accident? 


39.     Which metallic element is added to glass during the firing to create Bristol blue glass? 



40.     The Borscht Belt” was a nickname for the summer resorts visited by mainly Jewish holidaymakers between 1920 and 1980 in which range of mountains? 



41.     The Battle of Dettingen, in which George II became the last reigning British monarch to lead his troops into battle, took place in which war?

                                                                             War of the AUSTRIAN SUCCESION


42.     Raymond Benson, Christopher Wood and Robert Markham are authors, who have, amongst others, all featured which iconic fictional character in their novels?

                                                                                                     JAMES BOND


43.     "Devil's Gallop" is a piece of light music composed by Charles Williams. It became famous as the theme tune to the radio serial featuring which eponymous character?

                                                                                                      Dick  BARTON (Special Agent)


44.     By what name is actor and comedian Sir David John White better known?
                                                                                                     David JASON

45.     Which 2014 film, with a religious theme and starring Russell Crowe, has been banned in a number of Muslim countries?


46.     Who was the first commoner, i.e. non-Royal, to appear on a UK postage stamp.

William SHAKESPEARE (1964)


47.     "An excellent year's progress" is the closing line of which 1996 novel, later made into a 2001 film?
                                                                                         BRIDGET JONES'S DIARY


48.     Which other climber disappeared with George Mallory on Mount Everest in June 1924?
                                                                                                     Andrew IRVINE



49.   Which Roman writer, best known for his Natural History (Naturalis Historic), died during the eruption of Vesuvius in 79AD?
                                                                                                      PLINY (the Elder)

50.   In which 1932 Oscar-winning film did Greta Garbo say “I want to be alone”?


51.   Who was the first author to use the term “War of the Roses” in a novel published in 1829?


Walter SCOTT (in Anne of Geierstein)


52.     Which position in American football is a hybrid between offensive lineman and wide receiver? Current stars include Rob Gronkowski and Jimmy Graham.