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League Table


November 1st

          Chaplins 22 V  Ashbrooke 34

        The Prior 35  V  Penshaw 29

       Newbottle 50 V  Ship Isis 28

            Questions  Chesters

November 8th

           Chesters 38 V  Chaplins 30

          Penshaw 34 V  Newbottle 45

           Ship Isis 39 V  The Prior 38

             Questions  Ashbrooke

November 15th

       Ashbrooke 34 V Newbottle 25

          Penshaw 32 V Chesters 12

   The Prior 30 V Chaplins 31

Questions  Ship Isis

November 22nd

      Newbottle 32  V  Chaplins 37

         The Prior 26 V  Chesters 38

          Ship Isis 31 V  Ashbrooke 42

Questions  Penshaw

November 29th

          Chaplins 28 V  Penshaw 36

       Ashbrooke 45 V  The Prior 33

          Chesters 31 V Ship Isis 40

Questions Newbottle



January 10th

      Ashbrooke 28 V  Chesters 25

      Newbottle 39 V  The Prior 23

         Ship Isis 23 V  Penshaw 20   

               Questions  Chaplins

January 17th

  Penshaw  V  Ashbrooke

   Chesters  V  Newbottle

    Chaplins V Ship Isis

Questions  The Prior

January 24th

               Ashbrooke  V Chaplins

               Penshaw   V The Prior

                  Ship Isis V Newbottle

           Questions Chesters

January 31st

                   Chaplins V Chesters

  Newbottle V Penshaw

     The Prior V Ship Isis

Questions Ashbrooke

February 7th

   Newbottle V Ashbrooke

Chesters V Penshaw

Chaplins V The Prior

Questions Ship Isis

February 14th


February 21st

Chaplins V Newbottle

Chesters V The Prior

   Ashbrooke V Ship Isis

Questions Penshaw

February 28th

Penshaw V Chaplins

The Prior V Ashbrooke

Ship Isis V Chesters

Questions Newbottle

March 7th

Chesters V Ashbrooke

The Prior V Newbottle

Penshaw V Ship Isis

Questions Chaplins

March 14th

    Ashbrooke V Penshaw

    Newbottle V Chesters

Ship Isis V Chaplins

Questions The Prior